Web Scraping for Sales and Growth Hackers Course

I’ve made my career out of growing companies and no matter the stage your company is in, you’re always trying to find your unfair advantage that provides sustainable growth now and into the future. Web scraping proved to be just that.

When I first learned what web scraping was I knew it was a game changer! Being able to grab massive amounts of data from the web for leads was the unfair advantage over my competitors I was looking for. The only problem was that I had to know how to code to use it. I spent months learning to code just so I could start utilizing web scraping, but this course shows you have to skip all of that.

Scrape without Code

Imagine you could have all the web data you need to power your sales team or your marketing efforts and you can get it in minutes. Research that takes hours, sometimes days or even weeks can be accomplished over and over with the click a button. Web scraping is more powerful than you think.

You’re here because above all else you want to be successful and you want your company to benefit from that success. You’re one step ahead right now, but let’s make that 10 steps ahead, today.


If you’re here because your competitors are growing faster than you, or you are losing opportunities to other peers that are more efficient than you, this course will give you the tools to be more efficient and beat the competition.

  • You want or have a job in growth – Whether it’s sales, marketing, or business development.
  • You want to crush your competitors – This course will teach you how to create a dataset to track your competition’s job postings, media coverage, and expansion plans.
  • You want to easily capture the names and content of the publications writing about you – I’ll show you have to search all of the blogs & publications in your field and compile that into one dataset.
  • You want you to create massive lead lists for your sales team – You’ll learn to scrape sites like Yelp & Crunchbase and export the results into a spreadsheet to load into your CRM.
  • You want to optimize your content marketing effectiveness – Want to know what’s getting submitted to news sources like Reddit & Hacker News? I’ll show you how to get intelligence on the posts from top influencers.
  • You simply want to be the best! – There’s so much more to unlock and we’re going to work on that together.

Some of the sites you’ll scrape in this course

  • Twitter
  • Yelp
  • Reddit
  • Hacker News
  • And many more!


Ryan Budd, Growth @ Square “The lessons taught in this course provide the tools to make a single sales rep worth 3x by making it easy to source thousands of targeted leads. This is a must see course for teams trying to get the most with limited resources.”

-Ryan Budd, Growth @ Square


Tristan Pollock, Co-Founder & COO @ Storefront

“This is the ultimate course for anyone who wants to reach new customers.”

-Tristan Pollock, Co-Founder & COO @ Storefront


Louis Abramowski, @ Unbenchable

“This course is for anyone wanting to mine any public data on the web. The competitive intelligence section is pretty much exactly what anyone who can benefit from collecting info about their industries competitive landscape.”

-Louis Abramowski, Founder & CEO @ Unbenchable


Soso Sazesh, Master of Customer Acquisition

“More leads, less time, lower costs? I’ll take it. This is a must have for early startup teams looking to send their growth chart up and to the right.”

-Soso Sazesh, SEM & Paid Acquisition Expert


Max Altschuler, Founder @ Sales Hacker Conference“Understanding how to scrape the web is one of a startup employee’s best asset. This course makes it dead simple without any prior technical knowledge.”

– Max Altschuler, Founder @ Sales Hacker Conference
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[stag_intro]Want to get started in minutes and use scrapers I’ve already built out of the box? The Complete Bundle is $140[/stag_intro]

  • 18 lectures teaching you how to scrape without using any code
  • 3.5 hours of content
  • Configuration files for pre-built scrapers shown in the videos

I’ve had over +4000 students take this course and the results speak for themselves. The complete bundle comes with the all 18 course videos teaching you step-by-step how to scrape + the configurations files from the scrapers you build with me in the course. Just open up the app, load the files and you’ll be scraping right away. The is the fastest path to scraping the data you want.
Get the Complete Bundle Now!


[stag_intro]Want to take your time and learn by doing? The Basic Course is $99[/stag_intro]

  • 18 lectures teaching you how to scrape without using any code
  • 3.5 hours of content
  • Step-by-step instructions for scraping Yelp, Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News, and more.

That’s great and this course is perfect for you! I’ll take you through how to scrape all the sites I mentioned above and teach you how to apply those learnings to scraping all over the web. It’s scary how productive you can be when you’ve got machines doing the work for you!
Get the Basic Course Now!